Free iOS 9 UI by Facebook [Photoshop & Sketch]

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If you want to become acquainted with templates of GUI elements, Free iOS 9 UI is really worth your attention. This pack was developed and released by Facebook designers. And this fact makes it very popular. iOS 9 GUI was created in October, 2015 and its public release provided more opportunities for web designers.

Photoshop and Sketch templates

iOS 9 GUI is a complete pack, which includes various Photoshop and Sketch templates. In iOS 9 GUI you can find both Photoshop and Sketch files, which was thought out to match all of your needs better. Here lots of elements are represented to make creation of your projects easier and better. iOS 9 GUI was developed with the help of the last version of Adobe Photoshop CC. You can use Photoshop and Sketch templates for mocking up apps, to create astonishing custom interface components.

Features of Free iOS 9 UI

It is necessary to admit, that iOS 9 GUI by Facebook contains some important new features. We would like to identify three of them. They are3D Touch, Peek and Pop and Quick Actions.
Everything in iOS 9 GUI looks ideal – astonishing fonts, various elements, different bright colours, even sizes.
All components are well-grouped and sorted which makes their using more comfortable for web designers. It is so simple to find them!
All of the elements are vector-shaped.
Facebook iOS 9 Light includes the stuff which you can use in your work the most when designing projects for iOS.

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Free IOS 9 UI